Purchasing a plane from a pilot makes all the difference in the world. When I worked with Todd he could reference avionics, software and other industry-wide changes that he sees first hand as a commercial pilot. That knowledge and guidance was extremely helpful to me.
— Zack G. (North Carolina)
WildBlue handles every aspect of the transaction professionally, courteously, and promptly.
— Brady S. (Texas)
My experience with WildBlue was awesome! My expectations were exceeded in every way. There was consistent and clear communication. The amount of pictures and videos that were taken for marketing significantly exceeded my expectations in terms of quantity and quality. The aircraft was very accurately and professionally represented. In addition to this, Chris and Todd are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and overall pleasant to work with. The guys at WildBlue are outstanding professionals who take the stress of selling an airplane away.
— James B. (Illinois)
I think you guys put the right person on my plane and it went smooth.
— Robert L. (Texas)
Knowledgeable and courteous staff. I really like the website presentation of the aircraft. Lots of high quality pictures. Also digital copies of the logs were very helpful. Overall, smooth experience.
— Name withheld by request
I’ve purchased an aircraft sold by WildBlue. They did a lot of work to provide full packet of information regarding the airplane - detailed photos, fully scanned logbooks.

Chris of WildBlue did a great job negotiating purchase agreement by clearly promoting best sellers interest, but being respectful of buyers needs. WildBlue made the transaction happen with minimum seller involvement.

Communication was nice and timely. I always received my calls back, there were no missed voicemails, etc. Better than most other agents I’ve been talking to.
— Dmitry K. (California)
Fast, efficient, no BS. Kept me in the loop continuously and took care of all the details professionally and realistically!
— David Z. (Missouri)
I felt like there was considerable thought put into valuing, marketing, and representing my aircraft accurately. My aircraft was a model that notoriously sits on the market longer than average, and it sold just a few days after going active.
— Steve S. (Washington)
Great people to work with, very helpful.
— Jerry V. (Ohio)
Integrity, competence, service, and above all friendship.
— Gregg B. (MIssouri)
Amazing, knowledgeable service. Great understanding of the market. Highly responsive and very professional.
— John J. (Missouri)
If I knew someone who was selling an airplane, I would definitely give them your card. Besides from getting my plane sold in a short period of time, you were very patient as we worked through a series of technical issues. I liked the way Chris flew all the way up to look at the plane first hand. I liked having the face to face interaction next to the plane so I could show him all the good, and all the not so good aspects. Although I had a newer plane in great condition, one of my biggest concerns going into this sale was that the buyer would feel I misrepresented the plane somehow. Having another set of experienced eyes on the plane made me feel more confident in what I was selling, and what I was asking. Coming from a small, rural airport, I knew that the market in my area for a Cirrus was going to be limited. I needed national exposure to get my plane sold, and Wild Blue gave me that and much more.
— Scott A. (Minnesota)
From the first phone call about selling my plane thru cashing the check, Chris helped with every step. Whenever I had questions I got immediate and complete responses. I could not be happier with my experience with Chris and WildBlue.
— Joe C. (Texas)
Provided full insignt on the plane, great follow up and communication and easy to do business with.
— Rami M. (California)
Chris provided a great service. Good marketing and representation of the aircraft. Very responsive. Good management of the sales process with prospective buyers. Good advice throughout the process. Good coordination through completion of the transaction.
— Jack Y. (Wisconsin)
All of my calls were returned, all of my emails were returned, all of my texts were returned. Weekdays and weekends. In this day and age that absolutely blew me away. It was nice to have answers so I could make decisions. Great company great people.
— Darren S. (Colorado)
Very professional marketing of my plane.
— Paul D. (Colorado)
Great follow up and personal attention.
— David N. (New York)
Both Chris & Todd were absolutely fantastic in selling my aircraft. Very professional, engaged, and committed. It only took two months from initial discussions to getting a final contract. WildBlue did everything - came to San Antonio and took pictures, created ads, worked with potential buyers, completed all paperwork, and kept me up to date. All this for a very reasonable fee and world class service. Highly recommend WildBlue...they are the best and you will not be disappointed in any way!!!
— Bill L. (Texas)
Good service, good knowledge of market conditions and timing, good people.
— Dan M. (North Dakota)
Chris was extremely professional and it felt like my business was a priority.
— Brady S. (Texas)
Service. Knowledge of the market. Professional marketing. Hands on guidance for customers.
— John S. (Texas)
I consider my experience with Chris and Wildblue as professional as anyone I have dealt with in the aviation industry, which I have been involved in for over 50 years. You did everything that you committed to, and kept me on track to reach the ultimate goal of selling my airplane. Most people don’t realize that selling an airplane, after a lifetime of aviation can be an emotional experience. Your advice and hand holding were greatly appreciated.
— Randy S. (Louisiana)
Transaction went smoothly. Pictures accurately represented plane, nice to be able to review logs online.
— Al Y. (Idaho)
Professionalism......My experience with WildBlue was professional, responsive and collaborative. I was very pleased with my experience.
— Name withheld by request
Everything about the experience was great.
— Joe M. (Maine)
Kind, professional, and very thorough! I really liked the welcome video that explained how things would go. I also want to say how wonderful the girls in the office were when answering the phones. Altogether a great experience :)
— Tammy W. (Missouri)
Everything about the process was organized and professional. All the details were addressed and everything went off without a hitch. It was a pleasure working with Chris & Todd.
— J. R. B. (Utah)
From our first introduction on the phone throughout the marketing process until after the closing, Chris Kirk was professional, informative, and available. He treated me fairly and did exactly what he said he would do with respect to the sale of my airplane. This was a seamless process, and I will definitely use WildBlue again.
— Fourth S. (Oklahoma)
I felt Chris went above and beyond with providing clear and accurate data for his aircraft. Chris provided invaluable guidance and assistance in navigating an international transacation. We would feel confident recommending WildBlue to any friend or colleague.
— Scott R. (Saskatchewan)
Chris is extremely organized and efficient. He utilizes social media and other advertising resources very effectively to market your airplane. Chris is also very knowledgeable and is willing to take whatever time is necessary to insure you are well informed and comfortable with the process. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
— Name withheld by request

Thanks again for all you did to help sell 2377Y. Great professionalism and transparecy throughout the entire process. Well done!!
— Tom & Mary M. (Washington)
The primary reason for my assessment - which is the highest possible score - is Chris Kirk. His is an up-front and honest guy. It was a pleasure working with him.
— Emre U. (Nebraska)
Thanks for the good service. I will most definitely recommend you. Hope to bump into you sometime in the future. The picture you sent looks great in my office! Thanks.
— Dean O. (Texas)
Chris goes above and beyond your expectations. If you’re selling your airplane and want the best out there, call him, you won’t be disappointed.
— Terry B. (Missouri)
Mr. Kirk is extremely knowledgeable of the sales process and airplane market. He spends a lot of time preparing all needed pictures and data to market your airplane for maximum recognition and price. He takes care of all the many tedious but required details. He is always available when you have questions and follows up regularly. A true professional who obviously loves his job.
— Bill A. (Illinois)
Fully satisfied - thank you for the help with the sale, the donation made to the charity, and the picture that came by mail.
— Al R. (Michigan)
Great service. Loved the electronic system to track progress too.
— John J. (Missouri)
I know that Chris was honest and fair in his opinions and help all the while knowing his job was to represent the seller in this case. His integrity was reassuring.
— Mike L. (California)
Excellent service. Extremely proactive and professional communication.
— Frank W. (Florida)
First class service, honesty, and integrity. From the marketing experience all the way through to the sale I never had to worry about whether or not I was going to be asked to compromise my values and integrity. When a potential buyer tells you that your Airplane is “better than advertised” that tells you that there was no misleading or bait and switching. In an industry that seems to be full of “smoke and mirrors” Wild Blue stands in a class of its own!
— Stephen W. (Georgia)
Great communication.
— Name withheld by request.
Good analysis and understanding of the market.
— Name withheld by request.
Chris took the time to come look at the plane and get to know the history of the plane. Not all planes have been maintained the same and he appreciated we put a lot of care into our plane and he marketed it accordingly.
— James M. (Kansas)
Very easy transaction. Kept me informed at every step. Answered all questions promptly.
— Jim R. (Montana)
Friendly. Kept me informed.
— Jerry M. (Missouri)
Chris provided good communication and was helpful throughout the process. This was my first experience with the aircraft buying process and Chris made it easy.
— Joe O. (Missouri)
The atention form the Owner Chris Kirk was very professional, we receive always his support, he understood since the begining of the negociation our needs and his honesty on the deal allowed to close te deal.
— Oliver E. (Mexico)
Chris never over promises and he delivers exactly what he promises. The process was smooth and professional.
— Joe Z. (Florida)
Good communication, smooth transaction.
— Norbert S. (North Carolina)
Excellent, responsive service, great advice in helping clients through the process, and really understands the market and process of buying and selling aircraft.
— David G., MD (Illinois)
Chris did a very good job with marketing and pics and the plane sold really fast. The only change I would make next round is ask more up front.
— Kerry D. (Oklahoma)
Chris was great to work with, and very responsive. He understands the market very well, and provided good input on pricing.
— Mike H. (Colorado)
Professional Attention.
— Jorge D. (Texas)
Everything was handled perfectly! All I did was show up. Follow through was excellent. Total Class Act! The process was totally painless. Chris was the ultimate professional. I feel I have a new Friend, not just a business relationship.
— Jackson H. (Alabama)
They were always willing to help and giving up all the process of the purchase. Help to find external mechanic for the pre-purchase inspection. Help with insurance. Help with ferry. I LIVE ON Puerto Rico and by my airplane with WILDBLUE on Alabama. Thank so much Wildblue and Mr. Chris.
— Luis U. (Puerto Rico)
Excellent service, attention to every detail, stress free!
— Glenn W. (Alabama)
Great service and attention.
— Luis T. (Maryland)
Chris was very informative in every step along the way, from beginning to end. He continued to follow through with what he said he’d do. I feel that he handled the potential buyers for me in order to sift out any tire kickers. These are the reason I chose to hire someone to help sell my plane. Chris definitely filled the need that I had.

Additionally, I feel that Chris is a marketing genius.
— Jerrell G. (Texas)
Being a first time plane buyer, working with Chris really helped to ease the purchasing process.
— Joel C. (Michigan)
Sale was handled very professionally. I have purchased and sold 19 airplanes over 45 years and this transaction was the smoothest.
— Bill G. (California)
Chris the broker, was very knowledgeable on my SR22 and made my deal happen quick and without any hiccups.
— Joseph M. (Arkansas)
Super service, quick sale, knowledgeable about the market.
— Oliver N. (Kansas)
Chris was really helpful in meeting my deadline on the purchase of the airplane.
— Todd G. (Nebraska)
Excellent results achieved through honest, forthright communication and effort.

WILDBLUE stayed the course in a difficult sales market and brought in a qualified buyer who was both able and willing to purchase my airplane at a fair price.
— Brent P. (Missouri)
Great communicators accurate market analysis. I appreciate the no nonsense approach to executing the sale. Thanks!
— Chris M. (Texas)
The service provided was business-like, professional, thorough, knowledgeable and timely and prompt. You followed your phone call with an email that repeated the important details.
— Bob I. (Colorado)
WildBlue is a premier aircraft broker for top-of-the-line aircraft. That fact is recognized by potential buyers. Therefore, my Bonanza F33A sold in a reasonably short time to a buyer looking for a premier Bonanza.
— Al A. (Virginia)
They were very diligent and honest with me through the whole process of selling my airplane.
— Trey H. (Texas)
Very professional, great communicators keeping you informed, and this team does exactly what they say they will do. High integrity, high honesty, and willing to go above and beyond to accomplish the sale of your plane.
— Name Withheld by Request
Very professional and knowledgeable.
— Paul H. (Texas)
Thorough understanding of the market and responsive to my needs.
— Scott D. (Nevada)
Very thorough and did everything they said they would.
— Robb B. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Service. Great Communication.
— Jose M. (Mexico)
WildBlue met or exceeding ALL expectations. They thought to do things I would never have thought to expect like help me sell some of my plane gear. Communication was excellent. I felt like they worked to honor my wishes and objectives and to satisfy any concerns I might have. They adjusted to serve me rather than asking me to adjust to their “way” of doing things. Professionals start to finish.
— Tim S. (North Carolina)
Top notch guys that don’t pressure you into making a purchase. They are more concerned about getting the right plane for the buyer.
— Matthew P. (Ohio)
Did a great job of representing my aircraft. I thought the video was a plus and the aircraft sold. Thanks.
— Wayne S. (Texas)
Always available and quick to respond. Had the right balance between pushing to get the deal done, but at the same time letting the deal proceed at it’s own pace. I know you guys had a vested interest in getting the deal done, but it never felt pushy, that’s a tough balancing act that you did well.
— Eric G. (Georgia)
Absolute unwaivering attention to detail in all aspects of the sale of my 182 and the help in buying my Saratoga. The service from start to finish was exceptional.
— Joe H. (Missouri)
They did a great job selling my airplane.
— Jon G. (Texas)
Chris was super. Plane was as advertised, now it’s mine, and I’m happy.
— Andy E. (California)
WildBlue was extremely professional in their knowledge of buying and selling aircraft. The aircraft I bought through WildBlue was very well represented on their website with pictures, written description, and all aircraft log books. This was extremely helpful in the sense I was unable to see the airframe prior to making the deal. Chris was helpful and informative in all of the legal aspects of purchasing an airplane to include insurance, financing, title search, and closing. I am a first time buyer in the airplane market and was reluctant to go through a broker but WildBlue truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend WildBlue for buying or selling your airplane.
— Paul H. (Oklahoma)
Having bought a number of aircraft out of the USA ,this would have been the best communicated deal ever.
— Richard I. (New Zealand)
These guys are the Tasmanian Devils of aircraft brokers. Sold my aircraft overseas in a complicated transaction that was utterly painless to me as seller. Great guys.
— Will F. (New Mexico)
It was an absolute pleasure working with Chris at Wild Blue. They are a very professional group of people and they sold my airplane in two weeks and it was a very easy transition. I would definitely recommend Wild Blue to anyone looking to sell or buy an airplane.
— Jim H. (Oklahoma)
Have both bought and sold an airplane from Wild Blue, and they’ve been professional from both sides, no complaints at all!
— Neal C. (Texas)
Terrific to deal with, made the entire process relatively easy and helped with obtaining financing and insurance. Very trustworthy.
— Roy G. (Florida)
Worked hard, good advertising, nice folks, good heart.
— Ron E. (Kansas)
WildBlue found a buyer for our plane and was very professional in the entire process.
— Ron C. (Kansas)
I have purchased and sold an aircraft using Wildblue and have been extremely satisfied with their expertise and prompt service. In addition to their great service, they are assisting me with my next purchase at no cost.
— John H. (Colorado)
... made this complex transaction seamless even throwing in a little weather delay, the deal was smooth, it helps when selling top notch Aircraft.
— David G. (Mississippi)
Very professional, great communicators keeping you informed, and this team does exactly what they say they will do. High integrity, high honesty, and willing to go above and beyond to accomplish the sale of your plane.
— Name Withheld by Request
Selling my airplane with WildBlue really took a load off my shoulders. It was very refreshing knowing your company was there to handle all the details – and did so with extreme poise and professionalism. Thank you for seeing this thing through to the end. I really appreciate the time you dedicated to me and will eagerly sing your praises to others who are thinking about selling their airplanes.
— Al B. (Indiana)
It has been a pleasure working with WildBlue. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your efforts in selling my personal 172. Quite literally, having received your card in the mail was one of the best things that happened to me this year.

Although my plane was unique in the Skyhawk market you faced the challenge head-on and produced a sale that met my objectives. From the start, you gave me consistently reliable, candid and trustworthy advice.

There is simply no question that I made the right decision to hire your firm to sell my plane. Not only will I tell others about WildBlue, I already have. Your honest approach is admirable and is sure to reap huge benefits for your company and future clients.

Thanks again for a job well done.
— Ben L. (Florida)
No open items on my end. If I know of or hear of anyone wanting to sell or buy a plane, I would recommend you in a second. I am very happy with the process you laid out and performed. Thank you.

Hope the buyer is happy.
— Chuck B. (Illinois)
I just received the gift pack you sent. What a nice thing to do!!!!!!! You will go far!!

Thank you again.
— Dave P. (S. Dakota)
Fellow Aircraft Owner,

As a business owner — and aircraft owner — I have learned that it is difficult to find people who are reliable and do exactly what they say they are going to do. I thought you might like to hear about my recent experience with WildBlue and their performance in handling a recent aircraft sale.

They have my sincere appreciation and gratitude. In these difficult economic times I was impressed with their marketing and sales techniques.

In particular, their professionalism and attention to detail were “second to none.” They handled every aspect of the sale, leaving nothing to chance. They have earned my heart-felt thanks for the wonderful experience and best wishes for their continued success.

It is without reservation I would recommend WildBlue to list an aircraft or find the plane you are looking for. They keep high standards and don’t take on every airplane that comes their way. But for those they do they will go out of their way to give you positive experience.

If you’re thinking about selling your plane, give them a call.
— Ed A. (Louisiana)
Thanks again for your help in selling N824DB. I really appreciate your professionalism, straightforward honest approach and how you make it easy for me. If you need it, I’d be pleased to take a reference call anytime.

Have a great weekend.
— David B. (Illinois)
You said you could get my plane sold for the price I wanted and you did! Thanks for all your efforts. Even though I’m in the sales business too I’m really glad that I didn’t have to spend my own time selling my plane.
— Jeff W. (Mississippi)
I give every one your name when airplane sales come up. I appreciate the work you did for me.
— Leo C. (Arizona)