Our Values

Do the right thing, even if it costs us money.
Do what you say you're going to do.
Never go behind someone's back.
Over communicate.
Be noticeably consistent & reliable.
Serve others and give generously.
Be thankful.
Be growth minded.
Have fun...after all, we're working with airplanes!

Selling high-quality general aviation aircraft is not about us, it's about you.  If you're selling your airplane, it's about giving you an experience you can trust and that you will want to recommend to your fellow aircraft owners.  If you're buying, it's about giving you the reliable information you need -- without all the hoopla or gimmicks -- when you need it.

"There are no experts in aviation, only those who refuse to quit learning more." - Unknown

Many of our clients return to us time and again but that's by design, not default.  In fact, many of the airplanes we sell we have sold multiple times because of the effort and transparency we give both parties.

Chris Kirk - Owner


Thank you for  considering WildBlue.  I love General Aviation (GA), don't you?  It is a blessing to do what I love to do.  Helping people with airplane sales and acquistions is in my DNA and I am privileged to share my unique experiences and perspectives.  I tap into that background -- experience that many in this business simply don't have -- to give you the most well-rounded insight available.   I've worked in and around military aviation, business aviation, and commercial aviation.  Even so, General Aviation remains my favorite of them all.  The possibilities that GA has to offer are endless and I find it incredibly rewarding to help others reach their goals with GA.

Although important, flight hours, licenses and ratings are not qualifiers to sell airplanes.   One has to be a fully engaged listener, a servant leader, a continuous learner, and persistently pursue integrity to succeed.     I firmly understand that business is only one part of life and that without balance, you can never truly prosper.  I advocate giving back to the aviation community which is why WildBlue earmarks a sizeable portion of profits to Challenge Air for Kids & Friends and other aviation charities.  Challenge Air was created to change the perception of children with special needs through the gift of flight.  To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit www.ChallengeAir.com.

My company has been involved in the sale and purchase of hundreds of airplanes.  We have yet to give a perfect experience for our clients but we will never quit trying.  We love working with those who share a common love and appreciation of General Aviation and hope to work with you too.  To contact us call 888.773.4249 or click the appropriate button below.

Todd Mitton - Aircraft Sales


Todd comes to WildBlue with an impressive aviation background that few in the aircraft sales business can claim.  

Todd first learned to fly through a local flying club, built time and added ratings by renting airplanes, flight instructed at a nearby FBO, and flew charter aircraft.  He joined the Missouri Air National Guard where he recently retired as a Colonel following 30 years of service as a navigator and tactical airlifter in the C-130 Hercules.  He has flown large transport-category aircraft for both a freight company and major US airline and has worldwide operating experience in some of the most remote and hostile locations imaginable.  He is an aircraft owner -- and, having flown single to four-engined aircraft in military, business, commercial, and private operations -- has a tremendous amount of insight to provide WildBlue customers. 

Todd is eager to put his passion, experience and diversified background to work for you the next time you're looking to either buy or sell an airplane.

Mac Swindell - Aircraft Sales


Mac is the most recent addition to the WildBlue team and brings an incredibly diverse business and aviation background with him. Quite simply, Mac’s business understanding — backed by impressive aviation experience — will help you or your business make the best decision when it’s time to buy or sell a General Aviation aircraft.

Mac is an experienced Pilatus PC-12NG captain and currently owns a Beech A36 Bonanza. He earned his Private Pilot’s License while a student at Oklahoma State University and is a former member of OSU’s “Flying Aggies.” After graduation, he joined The Boeing Company as an engineer, assigned to the Commercial Airplane and the Defense and Space Groups before joining Gulfstream. A healthcare startup presented the opportunity to leverage the flexibility and freedom unique to GA to serve hundreds of loyal, growing clients across the south central and southwestern U.S. with a very small team comprised of members who were also pilots. Additional opportunities in healthcare and oil & gas allowed Mac to utilize GA to develop new service lines and territories and to respond quickly with great flexibility, all while spending fewer nights away from home.

Mac is eager to share his experience and enthusiasm with you as you discover opportunities to put General Aviation to work for you.