Communication.  That's the one thing airplane buyers and sellers have in common.  They want superior communication from the people they do business with.  They want their phone calls and emails returned in a timely manner, they want candid assessments, and they want first-hand knowledge.  They also want it free of all the hoopla and marketing gimmicks that have become the norm in the aircraft sales world.  

Excellent service begins with excellent communication.

Selling Your Plane?

Faced with more questions than answers?

WildBlue helps you determine actual market conditions for your aircraft's make and model by filtering out old and unrealistic listings, marketing hype, and airport folklore.  We look at recent sales data for similar airplanes, trends, and forces that impact sales.  This fact-based information is then presented so you can make a well-educated decision on whether to sell now or wait.  

When you hire WildBlue we will make the process as seamless and simple as possible.  We prepare all sales material, advertise, engage prospects, negotiate, develop contracts, and advise you from the beginning to the end...and beyond.  Our goal is to earn lifelong customers through dedicated execution and world-class communication.

Buying a Plane?

How long have you been looking for a plane?  Has it been difficult to get reliable information?  Does is seem like too many aircraft listings play "I have a secret" with listing details?

WildBlue is committed to giving you as much data as possible so you can make an informed decision before you spend time and money traveling to see an airplane that doesn't live up to it's marketing hype.  We've seen each and every airplane listed on our site, first hand.  We took the pictures, copied the logs, reviewed the documents, prepared the videos, and performed background research.  You will talk with someone who's actually seen the plane.  

Some brokers rely on data provided to them by the seller.  Not WildBlue.  We believe that you, the buyer, deserve better.