Retail Price History Chart (Sample)

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For your specific year/model:

  • How has the value changed in the last 1, 3 & 5 years?

  • What’s the demand level?

  • How long will it take to sell?

  • How much value can you expect recent upgrades to return?

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Market Commentary

No doubt about it, the market for Bonanza’s has been strong, especially for airplanes that have been pampered, upgraded, and kept free from damage. Even with proper documentation from a well-known shop some airplanes with damage history are even moving at prices that were not imaginable just a few short years ago. Yet, while buyers are often willing to overlook a blemish or two, they still have a hard time wrapping their heads around missing logs or documentation. “Did the airplane have damage history?,” they wonder. “Is the owner/seller trying to hide something?” How difficult will it be for me to sell?” And of course, “Will the missing logs make it harder for me to recoup the money I spend on upgrades?” All good questions.

While sales have strong inventories have been inching up. From early 2018 thru mid-2019 the number of pre-owned aircraft on the market was paltry. Many owners may be sensing that the market has peaked and are now ready to sell. Depending on whom you speak with signs of an impending recession are present. Others say the economy is strong and will remain so for quite a while which seems to be the prevailing attitude of most aircraft buyers. Many lenders say it’s been a long time since conditions were this favorable towards aircraft lending. If there is a downside for new and existing aircraft owners, it’s insurance. Many underwriters are leaving the market which translates to better pricing power for them and higher premiums for the rest of us. Because of this some insurers are becoming less forgiving at low pilot times and are requiring more in the way of premiums, dual instruction and total pilot experience. So, even if you have the cash or can qualify it would behoove you to check with an insurance agent first. We’ve talked with several prospects recently who have had to reign in their sights a little and settle for a less capable airplane because no one would underwrite their risk.

Asking prices are all over the board. We strive to educate each client and prospect about the difference between the advertised asking price and the expected sales price. Often, the delta between the two is huge and is often the biggest when seller overpaid when they bought it, they are trying to recoup every dime they’ve invested in upgrades (even though only a fraction of the price of an upgrade translates to the bottom line), or simply because they owe more on the airplane than it is worth. In any case, just remember that what’s being asked is most often not what the plane is being sold for.

At the risk of sounding “salesy,” the last four months of the year are traditionally the best time to sell…if that’s what you’re thinking about doing. Most other brokers, dealers and title companies will agree. Many individuals are told to spend money before the end of the year. That, combined with year-end manufacturer incentives and the occasional bonus depreciation offering, bring a flurry of activity and stronger offers than are found in the doldrums of winter or mid-summer.

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Popular Upgrades & Return on Investment (%)

Notes to Chart:

(1) Prorated by the number of hours left to TBO (Includes Turbonormalizing)
(2) Modern/High Quality
(3) 30 - 35% after 3 years

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