Life sometimes presents us with uncomfortable situations, doesn’t it?  Usually, these events involve telling someone “no.”  And often, these situations could – or should – have been handled at an earlier time if it were not for our own unwillingness to handle them.  Such dilemmas range from telling someone we don’t want to date them anymore to telling a boss we don’t want to work for them (or vice versa) to firing a vendor.

How do you handle them?  Do you pick up the phone, or even better, make a point to tell the person face-to-face?  Or, do you slink around the issue by sending an email or text.  Worse yet, do you refuse to do anything and just hope it all goes away?

A friend and sales coach of mine, Dan Stalp, taught me that one of the key philosophies of a good sales person is to handle the most uncomfortable things up front…and to do it in person (or over the phone if distance is a real issue).  This is not only a good sales tactic that treats others with dignity and respect, it is a good life philosophy as well.  Yet, some of us never seem to learn this basic lesson, do we?  Some of us (and I mean you, me and everyone else) have at times taken the chickensh… approach by sending a “Dear John” email or text instead of confronting the issue head-on.

Is it easy to do?  No.  Absolutely not.  But, like I tell my teenage son, you don’t have to like doing it, you just have to DO it.  In other words, as I tell him, don’t hide.  Just man up.  The other person deserves at least that much from you.