1981 Cessna 340A

S/N 340A1215


Airframe Time:  2661 Hours

Engine Time:  1039/294 Hours

Prop Time:  294/294 Hours

Location:  Illinois, USA

Price:  $239,000

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1758 Lb Useful Load

163 Gallon Fuel

6 Seats

Airframe . . .

2661 Total Hours Since New
Complete & Original Logs
Annual Inspection Completed 11-9-2017
Flight Into Known Icing Approved
No Known Damage History

Engine(s) . . .

Continental TSIO-520-UB
(L) 1029 Hours Since Factory Remanufacture / 237 Since Top Overhaul
(R) 294 Hours Since Major Overhaul
325 HP
S/N (L) 270273 / (R) 290217-R

Prop(s) . . .

McCauley 3AF32C505 3-Blade
294 Hours Since Prop Overhaul (Both)
Constant Speed
S/N (L) 804105 / (R) 803893

Avionics . . .

Garmin GNS 530W (WAAS) GPS/Com
Garmin GNS 430W (WAAS) GPS/Com
Garmin GDL 69 Satellite Weather
Garmin GTX 345 Transponder (ADS-B In & Out)
Garmin GI 106 Course/Glide Slope Indicator
Garmin MX 20 Multi-Function Display
Cessna 400B Auto Pilot
Cessna Horizontal Situation Indicator
Cessna Yaw Damper
Cessna 400 ADF
Standby Flight Instruments
Bendix/King RDR 160 Weather Radar

Features & Equipment . . .

Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators
Air Conditioning
Cabin Pressurization
Slick Pressurized Magnetos

Cosmetics . . .

Burgundy & Gray over White
Painted in 1993

Gray Leather
Gray Side Panels
Burgundy Carpet
Dual Retractable Writing Tables
Window Curtains

Comments . . .

Pitot Static Inspection: 5-16-2017
Oxygen Bottle Hydrostat Inspection: 9-28-2015

Aircraft was exported to Venezuela when new and remained there until 1992. Logs prior to 1992 are in Spanish and have been translated.

Aircraft Logs & Records . . .

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Airframe Log 1
Airframe Log 2
Airframe Log 3
Left Engine Log
Right Engine Log
Left Prop Log
Right Prop Log
Weight & Balance
Aircraft Background Report
FAA Records

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