Current Beech A36 listings (1968-1983)

Number on the Market: 18 (Up 1 from Q2)
Average Airframe Time:  4535
Average Engine Time:  687
High Asking Price: $217,900
Low Asking Price: $129,500
Average Year:  1978

Realistic Sales Expectation (Based on average asking price of $171,400):  $164,000 +/- 3%

North-American registered aircraft only. This reflects average fleet values and is not a valuation for your specific airplane.

Retail Price History Chart (1995 - 2018)

A36 Early.jpg

What's the Actual Sales Price?

Ultimately, that can only be answered by a willing seller and a willing buyer.  Choose a broker based on a high price he/she quotes and you're certain to be disappointed when the plane fails to get any attention.  "Books" (BlueBook, Vref) and published asking prices rarely reflect actual sales values.

What You Need to Know about Aircraft Buyers

1.  They won't knowingly pay too much.
2. They want to feel like they're getting a good deal.
3. They don't want to pay for seller's mistakes.
4. They prefer damage-free aircraft that have been consistently maintained and regularly updated.
5. They check to see what other offerings are available and will compare prices.

The Value of Time

While down over 16% from it's market high in 2001, the average value for a 1978 A36 has bounced back by 22% over it's market low in 2009.  It will require a market recovery of nearly 46% to meet those lofty 2001 values however. 


Change Last 12 Months:  +11.11%

Change Since New:  +41.91%

Market Commentary

Depending on the aircraft (and the A36 fits this description), the market has bottomed out and has been on a slow, yet consistent, climb.  This is good news for sellers, especially those who have grown weary of buyers who still think the market is in their favor.  Part of this turn-around can be attributed to low inventory levels.  Either people are flying their airplanes again (basic med?) or they have simply sensed a market recovery and are willing to hold on a little longer hoping to recoup some of their previously lost value.  Regardless of which side of the political aisle you sit on it's hard to dispute how the pro-business policies have impacted consumer (including airplane buyer) confidence.  According to Vref Aircraft Value Reference, "The Corporate Jet market seems to be booming due to the new tax laws in the USA, and backlogs are increasing. Aircraft are selling with less market exposure and in many cases not even making it to the market prior to sale. It appears the world, or at least the aviation marketplace, is less volatile fending off knee jerk reactions that would normally send the market into a tailspin."  This all trickles down to aircraft like the A36.

So, how will the upper-end piston and turboprop market fare in the coming months and years?  We still see room for improvement, albeit modest.  If you're hoping for a 10-20% rebound in the value of your airplane then I hope you've got a lot of time and a few sets of rose-colored glasses on your hands.  At some point owners are going to start seeing the value of selling and inventory numbers will start creeping up again which, in turn, will cause a moderation of any value increases.  However, 1-2% per year is probably realistic and, given the steep drop of just a few years ago, is a welcome change.  Don't let this lull you into a false sense  of security though.  You still need to keep your plane up-to-date, fly it regularly, and do more than just basic maintenance.  Buyer's will reward you if you do.  Otherwise, you may be disappointed in the amount of time it takes to sell and the offers you get.

We're always happy to discuss likely market scenarios for your plane at no-obligation to you.  Give us a call at 888.773.4249.

Popular Upgrades & Return on Investment (%)

Notes to Chart:

(1) Prorated by the number of hours left to TBO (Includes Turbonormalizing)
(2) Amount over the cost of a stock IO-520
(3) Modern/High Quality
(4) 30 - 35% after 3 years

Why Partner with WildBlue to Help You Sell?

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.  You pay nothing up front (no marketing fees, listing fees, travel fees, or any other type of nuissance fee).  And ultimately, if you're not satisfied with the job we did, we will refund our commission to you.

Experience & Trust.  We've sold hundreds of airplanes and have worked with many clients over and over again because they know we have the know-how, work ethic, and integrity to get the job done.

Time Savings.  How much is your time worth?  How much time to you plan to spend putting together a comprehensive marketing package?  And how much of your time do want taken up by weeding out the unqualified buyers who will call just to chit-chat, the prospects who only see value in terms of price, and the people who will call to negotiate with you only to use that information to buy the plane they really want?

A Fair Deal.  Are you paying for someone elses lavish offices, fancy furniture, and extravagant hangar?  Did you know the aircraft sales division of most FBO's is what keeps their books out of the red?  Without their sales division they wouldn't turn a profit and may never operate in the black which means you're probably paying them more than you should have to.

Valuation data provided by Vref Value Reference
Data valid 3rd Quarter 2018